Art is a Universe; the marketing of Art is a projector without which many talents would remain in the shadows.

Our goal is to contribute to the development and retention of an audience both locally and internationally for the artists we support.

Toward this end, we identify new markets for them as well as new sales and marketing models which have opened up with the new digital world and complement the traditional marketing field.

From the moment we begin planning a comprehensive strategy tailored to marketing your work, the Artists-Planet team will be on your side.

By providing consultation, creating mobile sites, and guaranteeing marketing via social networks as well as the press, Artists-Planet can offer you a wide range of marketing solutions to reach an audience of buyers, private collectors, galleries and museums.

If you want us to examine all the possible ways we can collaborate, please send us pictures of your work (contact@refonte.artists-planet.eu), along with your CV and we will contact you.

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